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What is an online piano course?

Online piano courses are usually made up of a series of lessons, built around strong pedagogical structures with clear goals and targets in mind. However, some may wonder if an online piano course is actually the best way to go, or if it is just another gimmicky online product aimed at making a quick dollar. Let’s bust this one once and for all!

Not all piano lessons are the same. I myself vividly remember attending presence based lessons, at the far away studio of my classical piano teacher, who owned a beautiful baby grand piano. Whilst she was very highly educated, had a good roster of clients, and had the elegant piano, her lessons unfortunately lacked spark and excitement. The program put me off scales, since I never truly felt their application in real music, and this didn’t motivate me to practise. I’m sure there are many put there who can relate to my tale, and perhaps as you read this now, you can picture that boring lesson or teacher that put you off learning the instrument.

On the same token, there are tons of online piano resources available to all, some ranging from free You Tube videos, to apps and everything in between. Whilst the x factor, technology, and entertainment aspect is much better covered through these mediums, if they are not grounded in solid pedagogical practises and planning, they soon show themselves for what they truly are; a mere novelty. Now don’t peg me as a cynic before I’ve finished my piece. There is a time and place for that, and generally speaking it’s during toilet time when you are bored and want to flush some time away on your phone.

Imagine if there was something that had its feet in both worlds? An online medium, based on solid pedagogy and practises, which engaged and catered to the individual student’s needs? This is the very essence of Premiere Piano, and it is why I created the course. The structure is broken into 4 modules:

1. My First piano

2. The Basics

3. Rockin’ n Poppin’

4. Practise = Permanent

Each of these modules includes a chronological repertoire of lessons, aimed at covering all aspects of the beginner piano student’s learning journey through the instrument. Each lesson has a theme or goal in mind, and at the end of each module you will find a summary assessment tool, which aims to determine how much the student has internalised during their studies of that module. Best of all, this course is an online piano course, which means you can study it whenever you want, and wherever you are! You don’t need a physical instrument in front of you to start learning, and the accompanying audio book, as well as E-book, make learning on the go even more engaging.

So in summary, a quality online piano course consists of multiple online piano lessons sequenced into a structured order, and should cover the various elements of music required by beginner students. It should stand its ground with any other paperback or in person course, and the delivery should be engaging as well as motivating. How does your average online piano course stand in these fields when compared to Premiere Piano? Start learning today and experience the difference for yourself.

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