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How to choose the right online piano teacher?

3 essential elements for beginner piano students to consider

A piano teacher is simply a trained and experienced individual who has gone through their rigorous practise for many years, learnt the pedagogy needed, then applied this in the real world at some stage throughout their career. This teacher can then decide which students to teach and in which format. The important factor we must remember is the TEACHER themselves… not the medium nor the program. To illustrate, an amazing musician might not be the world’s best teacher. The world’s best piano program for beginners (hint, hint, Premiere Piano) may not be the best if taught incorrectly by an inexperienced tutor. And even the best teacher can fall short if the pedagogy and program is not supported well, nor differentiated for the individual piano student. So the next time you shudder at the words ‘online piano teacher’, so a little digging into the background of this person before you quickly discard them into the endless world of online marketing scams and snake oil salesmen.

A trained, qualified and experienced piano teacher is what you seek, and it doesn’t actually matter where you find them. As a general rule of thumb, first look up their relevant studies, with the aim of finding at least a Bachelor of Music education, or at the very least a performance degree with some studies in pedagogy and or teaching. Next, consider the teacher’s age and experience. Finally, check to see if they have been active in their field on a professional level, perhaps releasing albums, books, touring and performing at live concerts, etc. Once you put all those 3 factors into play, you should have a clear answer of who you want as your mentor.

An online piano teacher should be able to cater for their students specific needs, without making the lessons boring or cumbersome. They should use a quality program, such as Premiere Piano, so that the students learn and are challenged at regular intervals. Finally, the teacher should be able to demonstrate their experience and expertise in their field of study. This is why you should invest in finding the best online teacher for you, even if it means paying a little more. Remember that education in yourself or your family is THE best investment you can make, since it can never be taken away from you, nor is it ever discarded and lost.

So get out there, compare the 3 elements, and find the best teacher for your particular needs!

- Cristian Contreras


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