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Can I learn the piano on my own?

The answer to this question may surprise you!


You are actually not alone! You have access to everything and everyone right at your very fingertips. Let’s delve deeper into that last statement.

Once upon a time, you physically had to be in the same room as someone in order to speak and learn from them. The only exception to this was writing letters and waiting for them to be physically shipped to your location. For friendships and pen pals this may have been ok, but for realistic distance learning, this was a severe hindrance.

Next came correspondence courses, which were bulk mailed to students, and some feedback was given along the way. But yet again, they were cumbersome and not as good as seeing the actual teacher’s face as they taught and demonstrated concepts form their classrooms.

Luckily, technology made huge leaps within our lifetime, allowing us to see and speak with people in real time who are on the other side of the earth. Even still, we resisted, and online learning was not quickly adopted nor utilised to its full potential.

Next came Covid-19, which brought a hidden blessing (albeit at a grave cost), which forced us to use online learning as the main medium for our education. Yes, learning through a computer may feel like you are far away from your teacher, but you can see their face, you can hear their voice, and you can see what they are doing that very second. If you were a diligent student, you could even look up the curriculum, subject or course materials ahead of time and prepare for the lesson or do extra research of your own.

You see, the information you seek has always been out there somewhere, and technically so has almost every human you wish you could meet. Yes, celebrities and important people are often protected by layers of representatives and security measures to protect their own privacy and lives, yet if you were to try hard enough (and or spend enough money), you could technically get access to anyone on earth.

If I was an aspiring basketball player, I could do everything in my power to look up all the game highlights online then analyse the way the teams and players moved during that match. I could then check out the press release and post-match analysis via news blogs and interviews. I could then download textbook PDFs on the subjects of basketball history, technique, and training in order to acquaint myself with the terminology and requirements. I could read about strategy, conditioning and psychology of the sport. I could then delve into biographies of the most famous basketball players on earth, listen to podcasts about them or the sport, then even pay for an online meet and greet with some of these players. All of this could theoretically be achieved from my bed, if I had the patience, funds and motivation to pursue this.

Of course, learning something on your own without practising nor the proper guidance is never the best way to go, but technically there is nothing stopping you, and the information is out there. Yet gathering it all, sourcing it from the proper quality sources, then putting it all together in a plan or curriculum is the missing link. This is where professional course creators spend all their time and energy, gathering the right resources, making the right content, then planning it out in a sequential manner for the benefit of the student. So yes, you could just lookup a YouTube tutorial and go from there, but you will quickly find that the lack of pedagogy, order and clear structure makes this a poor choice. Instead, start learning from the best at

Our master course creator has both the experience in the classroom, as well as in the real life, and has worked hard so that you can just relax and enjoy the learning journey. Start our premiere piano course today and discover how fun learning piano from home can actually be!

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