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5 reasons why you need to start learning piano!

“ … but I am way too old to start learning something new…., plus piano lessons are boring!”.

I am here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. You see, piano lessons go way past simply teaching you how to play Fur Elise on a toy keyboard. Here are the top 5 reasons you should start learning piano today!

1. Gain confidence

When was the last time you felt appreciated? When was the last time you received a round of applause? When was the last time you thought to yourself… “I am actually talented, and proud of myself?” Whilst we all have our individual abilities and skills, not many receive a round of applause for their data entry, sales, or IT skills. This is not to diminish any industry, nor to bloat empty praise for cheap tricks. I believe our skills as individual humans should be recognised and rewarded more often. Nevertheless, music is unfair in many ways in that those who possess a talent for this discipline often receive more praise and recognition compared to other forms of study. Of course, we never seek this selfishly for the sake of receiving praise, but tell me it doesn’t feel nice to be appreciated every once in a while? If you start learning the piano today, this could be you at your next talent show or social gathering. In fact, the piano is the most popular instrument on earth, so you will be quite likely to see one in a public or private setting compared to any other instrument. Why not give yourself the gift of confidence… the confidence to walk up, play it and be proud of your achievement.

2. Develop Patience and Discipline (sigh)

When we hear the words patience or discipline, we often sigh and perceive it as a negative thing. However, this is in fact incorrect. Patience and discipline are essential qualities for any successful human since we live in a worldwide community where we are interconnected and everything we say and do has an impact. In this fast paced world where everything is instant and non-stop, it is a challenge for the next generation to focus their attention on a non-screen related task for more than a few moments. This is where piano offers an amazing avenue to develop these qualities. A person who can sit down, focus their attention, work towards a medium to long term project, and habitually do this with consistency; this is a motivated individual who can then put this determination towards achieving success sin other fields. Piano teaches this plus much more, and now more than ever it is available to anyone with an internet connection.

3. Express yourself

Humans express themselves in many different ways, including non-verbal forms. If you disagree with this, simply observe your parents or relatives who may have been married or together for a significant amount of time. You will probably observe that a lot can be communicated without ever actually being said. Music is another form of communication which can even have a deeper impact that words alone. Like a dancer who enjoys their craft and loses themselves in the moment whilst their music is playing and their bodies are moving… playing the piano frees your mind and soul so that you can express yourself freely in a completely different manner. For proof of this, check out the performances of any decent professional pianist whilst they are on stage or performing at an event. Keep your eyes on their face, and see where their mind goes as their fingers fly across the keys. This is an amazing feeling which few ever have the privilege of experiencing, so why not choose to feel this for yourself? Next talent quest, music night, or social gathering… your fingers will have more to say than your words ever could!

4. Health and Time travel

Numerous studies have been conducted on the psychological, as well as physical effects that music has on humans. This includes medical trials on healthy as well as unhealthy people. Whilst there is no silver bullet, music has been proven to have multiple positive benefits for the consumer and or student. These include heightened senses of perceived joy, mood alteration, and even pain management. Think about it, what happens when you put on your favourite tune on… does it alter your mood and feelings at that time? What about when you hear an old song that has been embedded into your memory from when you were younger? Does it take you back to a special place or time? Music has the power to do that!

5. You!

After all is said and done, the main reason should unequivocally be you. Do YOU actually want to play the piano? Do YOU want the benefits that come with it? Do YOU think it will make you happy? If you answered yes to any of these, then you have your answer. Nobody can force an education, and believe it or not but learning music is part of a holistic education, one which involves literacy and numeracy development. One that brings a plethora of benefits for both the academic, social and emotional needs of humans today. Why do you think our ancestors were making music well before we developed a writing system? And why do you think our species is still making it now? Yes we have come a long way since our origins, but we still cling close to the things we love, which also inherently make us human. Music is one of these great gifts… and we have the choice… either choose to only consume it, or choose to step up and make it!

So start learning the piano the right way today. Make your mind up to invest in yourself and learn this beautiful instrument from the very best at

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Written by Cristian Contreras

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