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Blog - Frequently Asked Questions

Are online piano lessons as good as regular lessons?

We understand who some may be hesitant to choose online piano lessons or an online piano course over in person lessons. Hey, it's been the same way for over 300 years right, so why change it right?! Well, think about it for a minute, do we learn at school in EXACTLY the same way as we did 300 years ago? Or has technology and pedagogy (as well as advances in teaching methodology) improved? This is why we created Premiere Piano, because we firmly we believe that individual people need individual attention, and a personalised piano course. This means accessing lessons whenever and wherever you are. This is something that physical teachers in a studio that opens during a specific time and place can't do. Aside from the impact that the worldwide pandemic had on education recently, we have also catered for students who may be stuck at home, and or unable to travel. Online piano lessons are perfect for these people, as well as for those who may not be able to commute, travel distances, nor leave their homes. Best of all, our online course features a world class piano teacher, so you are still getting taught by a person, but the difference is that it's on your terms, on your time, and at your location! This is a great option if you are looking for piano for beginners, but remember that we also cater for intermediate pianists as well.

Why try an online piano lesson or course?

The answer in just 2 words - Convenience and Cost. First, there is nothing more convenient than being able to decide when and where you will learn. Believe it or not but you could be sitting in a park, at the gym, walking and or at a cafe; and through our system actually be learning the theory for your next piano lesson. Our audio book learning system means you don't even need to be looking at the screen, just put in your headphones and let the audio book do the teaching at your leisure. If you do have some spare screen time, then watch one of our demonstrations or master classes, so that when you are ready to go home and sit at the piano or keyboard, you are already ahead of the game.  

Next comes cost. Believe it or not but we actually thought a lot about this when designing the course itself. Just count the cost of you travelling to your piano teacher's studio or house, paying a fee for that lesson only, then travelling back to your place. Over the course of a year, based on a single weekly lesson, that's 52 times you have invested in this process. Think how much petrol, lesson fees, public transport ticket prices and vehicle wear and tear this accumulates to each year. Add to that the cost of your time travelling to and from these lessons. Now compare all of that to $0 cost when you learn from the comfort of your own home, and at a time convenient to you. Plus if you do the math and actually divide the tons of lessons we include in the course (60 to be exact) by the total cost, you will see that it's only a FRACTION of what you end up paying a physical piano teacher. 


So save yourself time and money by trying out the best online piano course on earth right here at Premiere Piano!  

Do I need prior experience to do an online piano course?

A resounding NO! You don't need any special tech skills, nor any knowledge of the piano to get started right away! In fact, if you are new to online courses and online piano lessons, then this is the perfect place for you. Our dynamic Premiere Piano video course will literally show you everything you need to do to learn to play the piano, in an easy to follow structure.  Your online piano teacher is also an accredited piano teacher in the real world, whose love for music education compelled him to create this online course. You only need to be able to click, each, listen and have fun as you follow along our professional piano program and lessons. And unlike physical lessons at a piano teacher’s home, you can pause, rewind and replay all of your lessons at Premiere Piano. This means you have access to every word and note ever played, no matter if it is between you piano lessons, or if your teacher is not available. Since this is an online piano course, it is available and waiting for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I'm a busy person, I don't think I have time for online piano lessons.

If you have time to watch anything on YouTube, check your email, scroll through a Tic Toc video, like a post on Instagram, or browse Facebook feed; then you have time to learn piano online. Our lessons can be done in as little as 5 minutes, and we even provide an audio book for very busy individuals who may not have daily screen time available to them. Our E book also comes as a downloadable PDF, so you could be sitting on a train or bus somewhere, travelling to and or from school or work, and you could easily access your online course and be learning on the go. For those who have changing work schedules, or who may work at unusual times, good luck getting a physical piano teacher to take you on as their student. This is why Premiere Piano is perfect for you, since you can log on and learn at any time, day or night.

Enough talk, let's learn!

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