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Unlock your inner pianist

without leaving home.


Here's EXACTLY what you get


Your essential audio book, fully narrated so you
can learn on the go, anytime, anywhere.


Your very own personalised learning plan to accelerate results in no time!


Multi-level home practise tracks (Easy, Med + Challenge) 
to maximise your practise sessions.


The ULTIMATE piano method book for easy, step by step success on your piano or keyboard.


60 + dynamic video lessons and tutorials
to guarantee you play the piano confidently.


Meet Lauren

A beginner like you, who thanks to Premiere Piano. . .

. . . now ROCKS on her piano!

And best of all, she's NOT alone. . .


It's time to invest in YOU!

Select your unique learning experience

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Get results today!

No more excuses!

All our plans are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee


Cancel anytime - Get results or get your money back - Risk Free!

Masters Degree  -  Composition & Music production

Masters Degree  -  Music Education

Bachelor Degree  -  Performance

1  -  World Tour

2  -  Albums

17+  -  Years teaching experience

21+  -  Years performance experience

Cristian Contreras


Meet your new Mentor


Frequently asked questions

What if I change my mind or just want my money back?


Life is full of regrets... 🤑

But we are committed to ensuring that Premiere Piano is NOT one of those regrets. That's why we proudly stand by our iron clad MONEY BACK guarantee. Simply cancel it online, or send us an email, or drop us a message, or send an owl messenger 🦉, and you will receive a 100% refund right away! 

How long until I start seeing results?


Good News! 🏆

You will start seeing results from the very first lesson. We strongly believe in a hands on approach (pun intended), which is why we've made this course as practical as possible. More time on the keys, less time listening to boring irrelevant theory. Be sure to practise a little each week, then sit back and watch the results fly! ⌚

Sounds Expensive, can I really afford it?


We're cheaper than a 
decaf sausage late! 🌭

You've paid more for your last hotdog or coffee than you'll ever pay for any of our lessons. See, we believe that EVERYONE should have access to this amazing instrument, regardless of what's in their wallet. Which is why we've designed Premiere Piano to be at least 10x cheaper than your average local piano teacher! ☕

What if I can already play a little piano? Can Premiere Piano still help me?


Absolutely! 🎹

Whether you are self taught, or perhaps already have a teacher; chances are you have already picked up some bad habits along the way. You may also have gaps in knowledge. Either way, these will cost you soon if you don't correct them. That's where Premiere Piano can help, even if you are already a beginner pianist.

I'm no tech genius! What if I'm new to this online learning thing?


No problem! 💻

We love piano, not tricky tech. Which why this course was specifically designed to be user friendly and easy to use (even grandma can do it). If you can watch a YouTube video, then you already possess all the tech skills needed to complete this course! PLUS we offer the best technical support to help you get through it in one piece. 😊

Is Premiere Piano
as good as regular piano lessons?



First, "regular lessons" haven't changed since Beethoven's time! But we have, and technology is finally on our side! Imagine taking the teacher home with you, rewinding each lesson on demand, having them help during your practise sessions, and being able to change the difficulty level in real time? That's Premiere Piano! 

Enough talk, let's learn!

Get results today!

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